Episode 3

Published on:

22nd Jun 2020

Neil Gorsuch FTW!

Conservative Supreme Court justice - and Trump appointee - Neil Gorsuch came through in a big way for LGBTQ rights...and Laurie and Brad are both astonished and elated. But look out for an upcoming decision that pits religious freedom against anti-gay sentiment.

So many good articles to review for this episode:

Bostock v. Clayton County: the Supreme Court's landmark LGBTQ rights case - Vox.com

Bostock: What two conservatives realized and three dissenters missed - The American Prospect

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia: The fight over whether religious freedom is a license to discriminate - Vox.com

Why John Bolton didn't testify - Washington Post

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Estate Sale: the selling out of American democracy
American institutions are under attack...and that means our democracy is at stake.
Democracy depends on a free press, a government for the people, a just legal system and separate-but-free church.

Yet, we have a corrupt U.S. president, a partisan Supreme Court, a power-hungry white evangelical bloc and a lazy press - which is revealing just how much our American values are being sold out.

With a lot of informative guests and a few F-bombs, co-hosts Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann and Brad Raley are going to change that.